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Career Planning

1. The company can promote or adjust the employee's work according to the employee's work performance or position. The adjusted treatment is implemented according to the salary standard of the position or type of work. If the employee is promoted and cannot be qualified for his job, the company has the right to demote or dismiss the employee. 

2. The company's promotion criteria for management talents: not only has the ability to find problems, but also has the ability to analyze problems. The core is to have the ability to solve problems.

3. Promotion criteria for company employees:

  • Positively working attitude (personal aspect).
  • Skills and job responsibilities within the scope of duties and responsibilities (skills: according to job responsibilities standards).
  • Create a report basis for actual benefits.
  • Managers must have talents who are trained by themselves.

4. Promotion of professional development

  • Each employee level is promoted and implemented according to the relevant provisions in the Performance Incentive System (Trial).
  • The second-level staff monthly personal performance incentives for two consecutive months to complete the task, the next month level up to the first level.
  • The monthly and individual level performance incentives of the third- and fourth-level employees are over-executed for six consecutive months, and the level is upgraded to the next level in the next month.
  • The monthly personal performance incentives of the 5th and 6th grade employees are particularly outstanding for three consecutive months, and the ranks are promoted to the next level in the next month.
  • The monthly personal performance incentives for employees with grades 7 and above are particularly outstanding for six consecutive months, and they will be promoted to the next level by the next month.
  • The monthly personal performance incentives of all levels of employees are unique, and the level of the month is promoted to the first level.


Special Talent

The main person in charge of the introduction of special talents: general manager of the company.

1.Special talent range

  • Management type (middle and high-level management talents): Ability to manage skills, discover, analyze, and solve problems.
  • Professional technology (finance, legal, secretarial, chemical, chemical technician, automation, intelligent robot, equipment, marketing, network and other talents): Skills in solving problems in professional fields.

2. During the probationary period, the fixed salary will be fixed for 3 months, and the value of 3 months will be reflected in the cycle, which will be corrected in accordance with the company's development requirements;

3. After turning positive, use the value as the benchmark to determine the specific position and implement it according to the company's overall system.

4. Degradation of value that cannot be reflected in its professional field and job responsibilities.

5. Fresh graduates of Ben, Shuo, Bo graduates (providing graduation certificates, etc.) for alternate talent training:

Cultivate for orientation, one-year cycle, and enter the role within three years to enjoy preferential family funds, housing allowances, etc.

6. Establish a special talent pool. It is managed by the general manager of the company and the human resources support department.


Salary And Benefits

1.Salary structure: fixed salary + performance salary + allowance (subsidy) + welfare

  • fixed salary: basic salary + working age salary.
  • Performance salary: performance salary + incentive bonus.
  • Allowance (subsidy): job allowance + special post subsidy + transportation subsidy + communication subsidy + night shift subsidy + high temperature subsidy.
  • welfare: five insurance and one gold + commercial insurance + free work meal + staff quarters + full attendance award + employee medical examination + holiday welfare + special hardship condolences + funeral condolences + hospital condolences.

2.salary standards

  • The employee's probation period is 1-3 months, the monthly salary is 2,000 yuan, the college student reserve talent trial period is 1-2 months, the specialist monthly salary is 2,500 yuan, and the undergraduate monthly salary is 3,000 yuan.
  • Formal employees are issued according to the level and 12 levels of the company's salary structure. The specific rules are implemented in accordance with the company's “Remuneration and Benefits Management System”.
  • The 15th of each month is the payroll date, and the holiday is postponed to the next working day.


Employee Training

New employee induction training

  • On the day of registration of the new employee, after completing the entry procedure, the Human Resources Support Department will organize a three-day training for the new employee before entering the job (inform the specific training time, training location, training assessment, etc.).
  • Main contents: company profile, vision introduction, company rules and regulations training, "employee keeping" training, safety training, professional training, professional training, etc.
  • If the induction training fails, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has the right to request it to continue training or not to hire.
  • After the induction training is qualified, sign the “Labor Contract” and go to the designated hospital for physical examination. The medical examination fee is first paid by the new employee. The trial period is 1-3 months, and the “Labor Contract” is signed after the expiration. After 3 months, Employees can apply for reimbursement for medical examination fees.
  • Reasonable distribution according to the employment plan.

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