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       It is four billion years since the prokaryote was born on the earth. Human races originate from the god’s legendary according to the western culture. Chinese civilization has only last for eight thousands years. Modern technological civilization prevails in human society nowadays. “Human Health” becomes the focus point. Modern medicine and hospital simply solve the problems daily life. Deep into the society itself, the in-depth factors that harms “Human Health” are air, water and living soil.

     The Jiake Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. aims at building “Human Health” industrial chain starting from ecological environmental protection( air purification, water treatment and soil restoring); Now, the company has developed many leading products that can extend into industrial chain respectively which has produced social effect, economical effect initially. Based on the element optimization in smelting industry, the company further recycle and reuse the limited resource comprehensively. Through the right combination and precise localization of element, value is created. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, once said “Modern private enterprises are the economic entities that are intelligent, energetic and creative with inventiveness.” With the rapid pace of development of human civilization, the time of digital economy is on the way. The Jiake Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. will insist on the principles of “customer oriented; embracing the change” to achieve further development.

     The Jiake Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. originates from Hubei Province, serves the whole China and targets on all over the world. In 2015, the company began to cooperate with the China Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Group at Huangshi City.  Through the air purification and the water treatment during the copper smelting procedure, the recycling and reusing of the sulfur resources(producing inorganic salt of sulfite) became reality; the Three Waste treatment and recycling technology leading the whole China market; the company has won the National High-tech Enterprise title and the National Environmental Protection Enterprise title. It has broken the industrial structure and laid the foundation for the everlasting development.

     The Jiake Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., regarding the comprehensively resource development, ecological environmental protection and recycling economy as the starting point of business, is building the largest global inorganic salt of sulfite chemical material industrial chain. In order to achieve it, the company will insist on the policy of “open, toleration, cooperation” , the mechanism of “equal, mutual benefit, win-win”. The company sincerely welcomes talents from all over the world and wish to join hands to fight for the business of “Human Health”, to build the community of common future and to run the industrial platform.



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