It is four billion years since the prokaryote was born on the earth. Human races originate from the god’s legendary according to the western culture. Chinese civilization has only last for eight thousands years. Modern technological civilization prevails in human society nowadays. “Human Health” becomes the focus point. Modern medicine and hospital simply solve the problems daily life. Deep into the society itself, the in-depth factors that harms “Human Health” are air, water and living soil.




The company is a ship, I am on board, I can only help each other!
The company is a boat. When you join a company, you become a crew member on this ship.Whether the ship is fully loaded or stranded on the reef depends on whether you are working together with all the crew on board and in the same boat.An entrepreneur was asked why he likes sailing. His answer is that maritime and business companies have strong commonalities
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Jia Ke Huanke | Team Building
On July 21, 2019, Jia Kehuan invited Professor Dong Yonghui to come to the company to hold a lecture. The theme of this lecture was "Team Building", and all management personnel of the company participated in the lecture. Dong Yonghui, Hubei Institute of Technology, Director of Employment Department, Dong Yonghui is a national senior professional instructor. In recent years, he has actively participated in scientific research and teaching, and participated in the design and management of the college's prof
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Jiake Huake|Occupational Disease Prevention and Health Management
On July 14, 2019, Jiake Huanke invited the lecturer of Hubei Institute of Technology to come to the company to carry out the lecture on "Occupational Disease Prevention and Health Management", and Duanchang and above cadres participated in the study and training.
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What is communication! (exquisite)
What is communication?Communication is misunderstood and timely explained.With comments directly,Have contradictions and admit each other.Why communicate?No communication,There is a gap between people,There is a distance between the heart and the heart.
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Identify 476 hidden dangers! Emergency Management Department conducts national chemical industry law enforcement inspection
According to the emergency management department, the Emergency Management Department recently organized six inspection teams to conduct chemical industry law enforcement inspections in Tianjin, Henan, Jilin, Anhui, Guizhou, Guangdong and other places, focusing on the implementation of safety measures for hazardous chemicals storage sites in high temperature seasons. And the safe operation of air separation plants in chemical companies. This inspection has inspected 43 chemical dangerous chemical enterprises in 12 cities and counties in 6 provinces (cities), and found 476 hidden dangers,
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The “one size fits all” measures such as the suspension of production by similar enterprises after the emergency management department stopped the accident
Nandu reporter learned from the Emergency Management Department that in the "Notice on Several Measures for Improving the Work Style of the Emergency Management Department at the Emergency Management Department", 15 measures were proposed to improve the grassroots service style, which have been fully implemented in the near future. The notice clearly pointed out that the combination of “commitment system”, “random inspection” and “key law enforcement” replaced the simplification and “one size fits all” enforcement measures of similar enterprises after the accident,
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